Gucci Mane Announces Partnership With Reebok Classics_1

Gucci Mane Announces Partnership With Reebok Classics

Gucci Mane is about to marry the love of his life Keyshia Ka’oir later today, but first announces a partnership with Reebok Classics.

The Mr. Davis rapper previewed some custom Reebok sneakers earlier this Fall and now reveals a full blown endorsement deal taking focus on the brand’s popular Workout Plus EG model.

Guwap recently joined photographer Daniel Regan at Attic Studios in New York City for a photoshoot displaying the various colorways of the shoe including black/white, smoky indigo/white, army green/white, skull grey/white, and finally burnt amber/white.

The company had this to say about signing Gucci:

“Godfather of Trap. Son of Atlanta. Guru of Guwop. And now the newest member of the Reebok Fam. Welcome, Gucci Mane! #thisISclassic #WorkoutPlus #GucciMane @laflare1017.”

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Gucci Mane Announces Partnership With Reebok Classics_3

Gucci Mane Announces Partnership With Reebok Classics_4

Gucci Mane Announces Partnership With Reebok Classics_5

Gucci Mane Announces Partnership With Reebok Classics_6

Gucci Mane Announces Partnership With Reebok Classics_7

Gucci Mane Announces Partnership With Reebok Classics_8

  • Date: Nov 09

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<P>C’est <a href=""><STRONG>Boutique Ugg</STRONG></a> l’instant que <a href=""><STRONG>Air Max Sneakers</STRONG></a> choisit <a href=""><STRONG>Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 For Sale</STRONG></a> Porportuk <a href=""><STRONG>Michael Kors Handbags Discount</STRONG></a> pour se <a href=""><STRONG>Christian Louboutin Heels</STRONG></a> frayer un passage parmi les assistants et pour crier, d’une voix forte :</P>
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